Friday, September 6, 2013

School is officially back in session!  The calendar is bursting at the seams and my eyes are closed before I hit the pillow at night.  I used to fuss about people keeping their kids so busy, thinking they should just slow down.  There are some days I feel that way about my life and then I remember it's not the number of activities the girls are in, it's the number of girls I have!  They are each involved in one sport through school, go to church and two of them are working and two are in Girl Scouts.  The older ones keep their own schedule that doesn't need my assistance, aside from babysitting.  Even leading two Girl Scout troops is manageable and very worthwhile. 

If I'm honest with myself, the hectic part of the schedule comes from my choice to go back to work.  I struggle with this frequently.  I decided to go back to work for two reasons: one is obvious - additional finances for college, home improvements, etc. and the other was more selfish.  I had stayed at home for 18 years and wanted to get out and prove to myself that I could still learn a new skill.  Please understand that I know what goes into a SAHM's daily job.  I have raised/am raising four children, moved 6 times and volunteered both at schools and at church.  This was more of a personal thing for me alone.  I still wrestle with it but love both of my jobs.  If I had to choose, family would come first without hesitation.  But for now, I am learning to juggle both jobs with good days and bad days. 
Nevertheless, school is back and so far it's been a great one!  I am excited to see the growth in all of us.