Friday, May 4, 2012

Back in Business!

I can breathe a sigh of relief as of this afternoon.  The repairman came and conquered the error message.  The washer wasn't draining and it would stop after a few minutes into the drain cycle.  I cleaned out the filter and thought that fixed it.  It turns out there is a spot I didn't see where the washer drains that was completely blocked.  He asked me if I used any kind of color catcher (sheets put in the wash to catch colors that may run) and I said I didn't.  What I did use for a short time was a 3-1 sheet that you can put in the washer and toss in to the dryer as well.  We bought these when we went on Spring Break to our favorite cabin in Tennessee. They were so easy to use and transport too.  Unfortunately, they are NOT good for your washer!  I won't name any brands, but he strongly suggested not putting any cloth or sheet products in the washer.  I hope this helps someone from having to pay a repairman. 
One positive thing came from this though.  I asked him to show me what the part looked like and now I have learned something new. If it happens again, I will have another approach to fixing it myself.

On a fun note, the picture from yesterday's post got me thinking.  We actually tried it and my daughter had a great time!  It was just goofy enough to be fun  (I wouldn't want it to be my main way of washing though!) and it got the job done.  Kind of like stomping grapes.  So hey, roll up your pantlegs and give it a try if your kids get bored.  Maybe use towels and hang them out to dry - kind of like the old days.

Have a blessed weekend~                 

In Him,


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