Thursday, May 31, 2012

Now it really has been a while since I posted anything!  The laundry fairy is officially back in town!  I have been out taking classes on becoming a Real Estate Agent.  Crazy?  Maybe, but so far I am really enjoying the classes.  It's been many (and I mean many!) years since I have done anything to educate myself outside of bible studies.  Well, I took some sign language courses at my church in Florida, and I thoroughly enjoyed that, but that's about it.  Now that the kids are getting old enough, I feel more freedom to pursue something I am interested in.   The classes have me away from home much more so I am trying to nail a schedule down so the house doesn't fall apart and nobody starves.  So far, everyone is still fed but the laundry is behind miserably.  I don't know how parents who work full time or more outside the home can do it.  I haven't planned a menu in...hmmm, I can't remember now.  Yikes! 

School is finally out here so the kiddos can relax and sleep in.  So it's time for the summer schedule of sleepovers, swimming and late night movies.   That means lots of popcorn, baking cookies at 10:00 at night, and extra feet running around.  I would much rather them hang out here than to be running around town.  So, in light of summer (and fending off the inevitable "I'm bored") we are going to have a "Craft Day" each week.  I will let the kids brainstorm on what they want to do, from making homemade play-do to learning to sew basics.  Maybe making homemade soaps or canning fruit.  Who knows?  If it means they are putting their phones down and turning the television off then I am all for it.  I will post some of their ideas and pics as we go.  As I type that, I realize I need to find the cable to my camera so I can upload pictures, but I'm not sure where it is.   Let's just put that on the to-do list for tomorrow! 

Happy Summer!

In Him,


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