Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cardinal's song

It feels like it's been forever since I posted - I sure have missed it! Hope this finds you all well.

I had a wonderful blessing this morning that I would like to share.  I woke up and heard a cardinal outside my window beginning his morning song.  I adore cardinals and can sit and watch them for hours.  They are remarkable.  Anyway, he was as loud as my alarm and just as persistent.  I got up and fixed my coffee and went to let the dogs out and he was still singing.  Except his song had changed.  Normally he doesn't change up mid-song, but he did this time and it made me stop where I was.  The thought that overwhelmed me was that he was singing a song that God created him to sing.  Then I started thinking about how God has created us to praise him, just like the cardinal.  Was the bird praising his Creator? 

Psalm 150:6 "Let everything that has breath praise the LORD"

How can we praise him?  Through song, actions, prayer, serving, our lifestyles, even tears.  We all have ways that are special to us when we feel connected to God.  The important thing is that we are sincere in our hearts and thank him for who he is in our lives and how he has changed our lives.  I personally find that connection through song and most Sunday's I don't make it through the worship portion without tears running down my face.  My kids can attest to that - they ask me if I'm okay and I just smile and say yes.  I really should carry mascara with me or wear waterproof. 

All of this came from a Cardinal's song?  Yes, it did and I will look forward to listening to him when he praises again.

Have a blessed day,                                 

In Him,


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