Thursday, May 3, 2012

Well, my abilities as a laundry fairy are out of commission.  Only until the repairman comes and hopefully brings the right part.  My handi-man skills didn't solve the washing machine error so I had to call someone in for help.  This means that I am on hold unless I want to hand wash clothes or find a laundromat.  I am hoping that since I gave the appliance repair company the information on brand and model and error that they might have the parts needed to fix it tomorrow.  What I expect is that they will have to order the part, which won't come in until next week.  I will remain hopeful and positive.  Once it's fixed though, watch out and watch the load count page because it will jump dramatically!  You should see what is waiting to be done!  Desperate times may call for desperate measures. 

Here's a picture of how it may have to happen! 

Hey maybe I will give it a try and get the kids to help - they might like it! 

Have a great day and may your laundry be caught up!

In Him,


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