Saturday, April 21, 2012

Organized - Please?

As I sit here with a steaming cup of coffee in my hand, it is the end of the week and so many thoughts are still running through my mind, mostly of things I didn't get done.  I didn't wash the dogs, clean the shower, organize the pantry (again), clean out my truck or even send that email.  Sigh. They will just have to wait until next week and if I am organized enough, they might even make my planner pages.  I am an organized perfectionist trapped in an imperfect, unorganized body.  I am drawn to tips on organization, simply lifestyles, living clutter free and have read books on how to be more organized, but seem to like creating the processes more than maintaining them.  I love making lists (my Dad would be so proud!) and yes, I have actually made a list of lists to make.  

Organization seems to go in cycles around here.  But by the next time the cycle rolls around, the previous round is back to square one of disorganization.  Granted we have a lot of people living in this house, 7 to be exact (not to mention 2 dogs), and each one has their own stuff .  We purge and regularly donate items in good condition to our local Helping Hands which helps a bit.  When I see areas that need to be organized, but instead of seeing just one area, I tend to lump all of the areas of need together and sometimes suffer from Analysis Paralysis.  I have thoughts like "I can't get it all done - it's too much!" or " I will wait until I have more time".  I think one problem is that I start a large or in depth project and have to stop after a short time to pick up kids or make it to a meeting.  Then when I come back it, it feels like I have only made a bigger mess.  My motivation is out the window.  Can anyone else relate?   I will set a few small goals this week such as:

1.  Get my office and paperwork filed and organized.
2.  Go through my pantry and organize one shelf per day.
3.  Clean out my truck (even under the seats). 

That covers three major areas for me, the office, kitchen and my second home, the truck. 
If you are an organized person, please feel free to post tips and advice - I could always use it!

Have a blessed and organized day!


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