Monday, April 9, 2012

Woohoo!!  I am officially at work as the Laundry Fairy - it is Monday!

I have four beautiful children and one adorable grandchild and an amazing husband so you can bet our laundry room is in constant motion.  Oh and we have two dogs too.  I don't know about you, but it's a major struggle to keep up, even with my wings!  I figure that each person wears approximately 8 articles of clothing a day.  In our house, that equals 56 articles of clothing per day.  Yikes!  My two older kids are just sprouting their own wings (they have their own laundry day and are responsible for their own clothes) and my two younger are still in training (teaching them how to sort, why you don't wash jeans in hot water, etc...).  My nickname is the Laundry Fairy, a title which I am sure I share with many.  Laundry is a part of daily life and I am personally glad I don't have to go down to the river to do it!  Love my modern machinery!  If only it could put it away too. 

I love my family and I love being a wife, mother and grandmother.  There are times of chaos and times of peace, but in all of those times, I try to keep my focus on why I am doing what I am doing- nurturing and teaching my family.  My faith in Jesus keeps me going through the chaos and ultimately brings about the peace.  I am excited to share with you things I have learned from the generation before me and hopefully learn from you too! 

Please feel free to give me feedback

God bless,


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