Thursday, April 26, 2012

Shopping online

Can you remember back before online shopping was a glimmer in some programmers eye?   I can too. I even remember when cell phones weren't around either, wow, or computers for that matter.  I guess you can figure out about how old I am based on that.  I do enjoy my smart phone, probably too much, and also enjoyed a childhood filled with riding bikes, playing outside and looking forward to Saturday morning cartoons.  Yes, for those of you who may not know this, they only came on once a week. Gasp!  I still have wonderful memories of my brother and I getting up while the color bars were still on the tv and sitting in front of the furnace vent in the winter.  We also had a record player and listened to 33's.   I wouldn't trade my childhood for anything.  Thank you Mom Dad. 

These days it's not so easy.  The computer has changed everything -some for the better and some not.  I wouldn't be talking to you right now for instance.  One of the positives is online shopping.  I am a huge fan and have been so since we lived in Alaska.  There is nothing like trying to box up Christmas presents and ship them 5,000 miles to family.  Yes, online shopping, wrapping and delivery was a blessing to us!  I still shop online frequently and I must give a shout out.  My most recent purchase was some parts for our pool cleaner.  Remember, I will try and fix it myself first.  I needed 3 parts for the wheels and found them for $2.40 each.  The total with shipping was around $12.00.  I went to my local pool store and checked the retail price and they wanted $9.95 each.  The employee asked if I needed help and I told her honestly that I was comparing prices to an online store (I was buying other items from them so I didn't feel too bad).  She asked how much I was paying online and I think she got upset when I told her.  She commented that if you buy online you have to wait a few days, but if I can save that much - I will wait!  You can find pretty much everything on - I have purchased books, video games for the kids, and other items.  You do have to check the sellers rating and I like to read the reviews of products before I buy them. 

If you haven't used online shopping and would like to check it out, I put up a link for Mother's Day beside this post that will take you straight to  I hope you check it out and that it makes your life a little easier!

Oh, and check back tomorrow because I am trying a new recipe for Summer - I will let you know how it turns out and if it's really good, I will add it to my Recipe Page.

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