Saturday, April 14, 2012

Passion for Genealogy

When it comes to history like specific dates, I am not overly interested and certainly don't retain much.  You could ask my High School History professor if you can track him down.  On the other hand, I relish taking my time in an antique shop packed with goodies.  I don't tend to buy a lot of items since they all have to have a place once I get them home, but I really enjoy the history behind the items.  Each piece had a home and hands that once used it.  I can't help but wonder what the stories are behind them.

I look at my family tree much the same way.  Every person has a story and for those in my tree I have never met, it opens what their life was like just a little bit. I subscribe to a online search company and can literally lose hours once I get going.  The desire to search probably stems from being adopted as an infant.  When you don't know where you come from, there is a certain void that goes along with it.  So I research my adoptive parents history with gusto.  Since my Dad passed away, I have felt a stronger desire to connect with his family through research and would ultimately love to share this with my Mom and siblings and family in book form.   There is so much information out there and some days I feel like a kid at Christmas when I find an important link.  I think my family thinks I'm nuts, but it's a passion.  What are you passionate about? 

This brings me to the idea of leaving a legacy for our children.  I don't want to be just a name on a tree - I want my children and grandchildren to know where I stood and what my beliefs were, especially when it comes to faith.  That is all I really can leave them.  I want to leave them with that because I love them and pray that they stay true to God's word - it will never fail them or you.  What will you leave your family? 

In Him,


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