Friday, April 13, 2012

Procrastination - again!

How do I begin?  Taxes!  I vowed after filing last years return online to be sure, absolutely sure, to file by January 31st this year.  That way it would be done and I could sit back and kick my feet up and say, "There - it's done!" thus allowing the world to turn in perfectly organized way.  That didn't happen this year, again.  My husband and I sat up until well past midnight working on it and discovered we didn't even have all of the necessary paperwork.  That puts us in the bottom layer of procrastinators, if there is such a thing.  As the tax documents come in, I just put them in a folder to await the day of input.   Now my task (The Laundry Fairy wears many hats, wings, whatever) is to track down the missing information.  Ugghh.  All of this in the middle of life in motion, dental appointments, hair appointments, Girl Scout Meetings, school pick-up, dinner, babysitting and evening school activities. 

No matter, it will be done!  Mark my words though, next year we will file earlier. Maybe not by January 31st, but earlier than April for sure!

Have a great day!  And happy taxing!!

God bless,


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